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To Timber and Beyond!

Read more about our extensive offering and how we can make beautiful products, even when wood isn’t the hero element.

Many people may be shocked to find out that we create beautiful products from furniture to retail solutions that aren’t made solely of timber. Through our years of experience in the industry, we have formed long-lasting relationships with a wide variety of material suppliers. We often work together on projects to produce beautiful end results even if our normal hand-crafted timber pieces aren’t the hero. 

Here are a few examples of how we have worked together with a few wonderful people in the industry to create beautiful results. 

Our Projects Made With Alternative Materials:


We work closely with Makit Cape Town who are masters at working with steel. We recently completed a project for a new luxury retail space, called Kumaro Franschhoek. The design of the store was completed by Suzaan De Kock and the result is a project that features a beautiful collaboration of steel and timber to create the perfect space to showcase the high-end products on offer at Kumaro Franschhoek. The stone shelving was completed in collaboration with Continua who opted for a natural neolith stone. The three different elements work perfectly together to create an elevation and cohesive symmetry.


Working with materials like stone and timber is a great way to celebrate the natural element in a cohesive way. The two materials speak effortlessly to each other. We often incorporate different stones in our designs for our range as well as for our clients. Recently, we completed a monolithic desk design that sees solid stone intersected with a dark timber workstation. As part of the same project, we also collaborated with WOMAG to make stunning monolithic plinths that are sculptural in nature around home.


Using glass in our product designs allows us the opportunity to hero our timber elements. In this nest coffee table design that we completed, we used glass for the legs which resulted in the feeling of the tabletops floating. It also allows for more light to enter the living room. We work closely with Continua to fit out our glass components as well as for mirrored surfaces. In the same home, we built a custom made entrance hall mirror- the outcome made for an open, welcoming design detail that fits perfectly with the rest of the home.


We enjoy working with alternative materials to create exquisite products. If you have a vision of a piece of furniture or product that you would like to bring to reality, reach out to us! We would be happy to work with you and our suppliers to craft furniture that works for you and your design aesthetic. 


Craft Furniture is proud to be part of The Excellence Group who join like-minded brands in the industry to make it easier for clients to complete their home by working with one company. If you would like to find out more about how we at The Excellence Group can help you, give us a call on 021 035 1737 or send us an email at connect@theexcellencegroup.co.za.