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The Outstanding Service of a Sideboard

A sideboard is a highly versatile piece of furniture – able to add value in almost any room of the modern home. Wooden sideboards are a trendy choice in home design.

Sideboards provide the perfect balance between storage and display for a furniture item. Craft Furniture has been noticing a growing need for sideboards in all areas of the house, and therefore has broken down some tips and tricks for choosing/ designing your ideal wooden sideboard.

Craft Furniture can incorporate other materials into the sideboard design such as metals and stones. Whether you’re dreaming of you bespoke sideboard in Walnut or Oak, white or black, big or small – Craft Furniture will find the perfect fit for your unique requirements.

Living Room Sideboards

There are so many ways a sideboard can function in your living space; it is important to determine the purpose of the sideboard before designing the bespoke furniture piece.

If you have kids, you may want to use it as toy storage. A sideboard is also effective as a ‘mini-bar’ or cocktail station, where your alcohol is mixed and displayed for evenings of entertainment. You can also place your wooden sideboard behind the couch for creative flower arrangements and photo frames.

Whatever the function, it is important to determine this beforehand. Once confirmed, Craft Furniture’s designers will assist in the process of creating the piece that will suit your home’s style.

Dining Room Sideboards

Dining Room Sideboards | Craft Furniture

Sideboards originated from the dining room in the form of food servers – this is an obvious function of this furniture piece in the dining room. However, design becomes emphasised for the dining room sideboard as it must not compete with the dining room table. Understand the server in relation to your dining room table – the size, the height and the finish all become important in order not to cause a clash between the two pieces.

The sideboard can also be used for storage of napkins, place mats, cutlery etc so remember to take this into consideration in the design process. Craft Furniture will be able to assist with bespoke drawer/ cupboard design for the sideboard internals.

Bedroom Sideboards

Bedroom Sideboards | Craft Furniture

Although dressers have historically been the go-to storage solution for bedrooms, sideboards are becoming more and more prevalent in modern bedrooms.

Wooden sideboards bring a sense of warmth, as well as an earthy feel into this relaxed space. Their spike in popularity is due to the impressive storage space they provide, while being the perfect place to display special memorabilia and keepsakes such as family photographs, jewellery and books.

Entrance Hall Sideboards

Entrance Hall Sideboards | Craft Furniture

Why not have a statement furniture piece at the entrance of your home? This is an extremely popular location for a bespoke sideboard as it has strong visual and functional qualities.

Visually, the sideboard can set the tone for the rest of the home interior. It will tie other furniture (or joinery) elements together through a distinguished theme while acting as a display unit for special décor elements. Whereas functionally, it becomes a place to drop your keys and other smaller necessities.

Office Sideboards

Office Sideboards | Craft Furniture

Sideboards in your home office (or study) can add a different dimension to the space. The internal storage space can be designed to house files, stationary and other work-from-home essentials.

A smart design can boast masculine or feminine qualities to suit the working environment, while emphasising a productive atmosphere.

Get in touch with us to start designing your bespoke sideboard. Craft Furniture will assist you through each step of the process. Email our Managing Director, Chris – chris@craftfurniture.co.za to get your quote today.