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Celebrating Rustic Timber Designs

As timber specialists, we were over the moon to work on a project that was centred around celebrating natural wood elements. Carry on reading to learn more about this fun and exciting project.

As you travel through the green valleys and lanes adorned in trees, you will eventually arrive at our latest completed project set in Welgemoed.  The area is situated in between the Tygerberg Hills and is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the natural elements and surroundings. Which is exactly what our client wanted for his newly renovated family home.

The homeowner wanted to celebrate the beauty of natural timber and leaned into an overall rustic design direction. This meant that we were able to choose panels of wood that featured the naturally occurring knots to emphasise the raw and rustic design tone.

Rustic Timber Designs Craft Furniture

We started with the timber door frames and solid doors. This was one of the largest aspects of the project as we not only had to create the custom frames to fit the space but we also needed to incorporate bespoke fittings that the client sourced. In order to complete the installation, we had to be patient as we waited for all other trades to complete in those areas so that we could go in and fit it out.

To circumvent any time lost during this period, we manufactured oversized panels which made it much easier to custom fit when we got direct measurements from the site. Transporting these rustic oak panels was an obstacle in itself. Western Cape weather is temperamental at the best of times but building during winter is an entirely different ball game. We needed to be strategic when we transported these boards to minimise any quality loss and movement of the wood during the rainy months.

Rustic Timber Designs Craft Furniture

Throughout the entire process of this project, it was imperative for us to always remain one step ahead. We were able to pre-empt any obstacles that could have come our way to ensure that we were acting as efficiently as possible. We understand that while a renovation project is exciting, it can be an intense and stressful time in one’s life- this is why we tried to make the journey of the client with Craft Furniture as smooth and effortless as possible.

As timber specialists, we were over the moon when we received a brief that celebrates wood. We were in our elements creating the custom doors, frames, media unit and other joinery in the home. At the end of the day what made us the happiest was the satisfaction of the client.


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