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Marble and Wood

Join us on the journey of creating a piece from start to finish! Read to find out more about our process from concept to completion that allows you an inside glimpse of the inner workings of our team.

Due to our nature of work being so bespoke, we get a variety of unique ideas on a regular basis. This particular piece was one of our favourites. The client who commissioned this piece approached us with a piece of marble that they loved and asked us to create a coffee table for it.



To create the legs of the table, 40mm larch wood was chosen and laminated together. Following this, they were turned to form rounded legs that are 250mm in diameter. We chose larch wood because it has a beautiful grain that lends itself to showing off textural detail. Once we turned the legs we wire-brushed the wood, which opens up the grain even more, before staining them black.

Stone is a naturally heavy material which means it is imperative that the coffee table is structurally sound and able to withstand the weight. To ensure a steel substructure was made that had been powder-coated to a ferrograin black. This substructure was secured into the wooden legs through locator pins. The finished look is important to us and knowing that the substructure was imperative to support the heavy stone, we wanted it to be hidden which is why routered out the dimensions of the steel so that it would sit flush with the stone.

The stone that the client chose is called Travertino Rosso which is an extremely precious material that originates from regions of ancient Persia. The stone itself is a bold red colour with subtle yellow hues accentuated with veins running through the stone. This elegant stone is a unique choice for a coffee table and we loved working with it!

Working with alternative materials is always exciting and we love to see how the finished product is a balance between the material and the timber elements we’ve created. Marble is a fantastic material but it’s certainly not for everyone. However, we can work with a variety of alternative surfaces to execute the design concept. We are lucky enough to have Infin8 Surfacing as a sister company that offers a variety of different finishes that are able to be thermoformed into any shape that you may need.

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