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How to Bring Warmth Into your Home

Bring warmth to your space through the use of wood and textures such as wool, cashmere and warm metals. These subtle changes will play on the senses and keep you cosy for the upcoming winter months.

The days of sunshine, braais and outdoor living are becoming fewer as the winter chill begins to set into the South African air. There are many ways to keep warm this winter from physical heating elements such as wood fireplaces, gas, panels to candles. However, it is possible to create the sensation of warmth through your home by making clever choices in décor pieces and textural elements.

The cooler weather may render thoughts of doubt about some of the choices you’ve made in your interior space. Having stark white or concrete walls may be suiting the aesthetic you were aiming for, however, in the cooler months, it can result in a very cold space. Don’t despair, with the addition of a few textural elements you can elevate your interior space.

Keep reading to find a few ways on how you can bring warmth to your home this winter.

How to Bring Warmth Into your Home

How to warm your space:


Similar to how you layer your clothing during the winter months so you should layer within your interior living space. Choose texturally intriguing scatter cushions such as velvet, Sherpa or wool that will make you want to dive in your couch and curl up with a good book. Be sure to add a thick woolen or cashmere blanket to throw over your legs on those cosy nights in.


By adding a rug or carpet, you are immediately making the space warmer. Not only will a rug add a protective layer between you and the cold ground, but it also adds a textural element that ties a space together, elevate this by opting for a textured option or a fabric that is different from the norm to add a statement in the room.


Timber features are a fantastic addition to any room. This doesn’t mean that you need to clad your room from floor to ceiling in timber, just a slight hint will suffice like wooden furniture pieces such as a dining table, servers or trays.

Mixing Old with New

While we all love keeping up with the latest and greatest, adding a few vintage or traditional pieces to your space can turn your house into a home quickly. This can be anything from a vintage linen cupboard to art pieces on a wall.

Adding Metals

The addition of small features such as warm metals will not only add another layer of visual interest to your space but also acts as a clever tool to reflect light. If you choose warmer tone metals, it means that the light will be reflected warmly. You can add these features through trays on a coffee table, metal inserts in wooden furniture items or a choice of light.


Add strategic lighting in your space with the correct warm hue bulb and you can add an instant level of cosiness. If you only have overhead lighting pieces such as pendants or downlighters think of adding corner lamps, wall sconces or strip lighting to shelves. This helps to create intimate pockets of visual interest in a room.

By adding or changing a few items in your home, you can elevate your interior space to be warm and cosy, ready for the winter months. If you are wanting to add timber elements to your home, take a look at our portfolio or give us a call on 021 510 0572.