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Fresh Take on the Festive Season with Country Road

We recently worked with the Country Road Group to create beautiful display units that can be found in their stores nationwide. 

With the festive season fast approaching, we are seeing more and more stores transforming into their December decor with snowflakes, baubles and trees. We recently worked with the design leading team from Country Road to create bespoke store pieces for the upcoming festive season that celebrates an authentic South African summer. 

It all started on our TEG Tour, which is an excursion that takes guests and members of the industry around to each of the businesses, hosted by The Excellence Group. On one of these tours, a member from the Country Road Group came along and was so blown away by our factory, craftsmen and process that he was keen to involve us on an upcoming project for their stores.

Country Road Xmas

We partnered up with our friends at Makit to combine powder-coated steel elements with our timber to finish the job. This aligned perfectly with their aim to create a festive season inspired retail display and window dressings as we could powder-coat and spray all of the elements to the perfect Kiwi-Green that they were using for other aspects, already in fabrication. 

Country Road Green

This was one of the first major retail projects that we had to undertake and it naturally came with a few learning lessons. From the beginning, we knew that we would need to work with our steel and spraying partners to be able to deliver the finished product, which means that there is a logistical element to the process of handling multiple jobs to meet very tight deadlines. 

To circumvent any snags, we had to make absolutely sure that everything was being made simultaneously and that each member of the team was paying extra attention to the finer details. Once we had completed every unit, we packaged all of the items, being sure to check that there were no small damages and that each unit worked as it should. 

Country Road Display

From the beginning of our journey with the Country Road Group, we knew that open communication was going to be key to achieving success. We pride ourselves on being able to let our clients sit back and feel comfortable with the production of our products and that we will always come to them with solutions and not problems. Throughout the process, this was incredibly important and we were able to create fantastic shopfitting elements for some of the Country Road, Trenery and Witchery stores across the country. 

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