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Finding Functional Furniture – The Process

Wooden furniture pieces can set the mood of your home, but consideration is important. Understand the room layout, the functionality of different furniture elements as well as the style you are looking for.

Craft Furniture has all the experience technical expertise to interpret your vision. We are committed to find a solution that will surpass all expectations, while partnering with you to journey each step of the way.

For this client based in Somerset West, Craft Furniture was tasked with cladding a wall which includes a floating TV cabinet with strategically placed LED lighting. It was finished with a solid bulk head and a floating shelf. We also cladded the entrance hall walls with a windowed-effect mirror to maximise on natural light. Our final Craft Furniture touch was coffee tables bonded with 15mm of glass for bases, then finishing it through UV bonding the stone and wooden tops.

Craft Furniture Cape Town

Our process of operations is always a priority, as it guides our team and our clients in creating exceptional furniture pieces of all designs, shapes, sizes and finishes.


Initial Engagement

The client called Craft Furniture looking for a TV unit, as well as timber and mirror elements for the entrance hall. There were also a few coffee and side tables that needed to be manufactured in a similar finish to the other bespoke furniture.


In order to conceptualise the space, members of the Craft Furniture team visited the home to understand what was required. We will also take all measurements in order to give an accurate quote. The client provided us with Pinterest pictures as inspiration which we used to find a practical solution inline with the client’s vision.


Using the Pinterest pictures, we designed bespoke furniture elements that were a compound of all the different images. The design process takes no longer than 5 working days (depending on the scope) and Craft Furniture will make the relevant changes until the design satisfies the client. In this case, there were 3 design revisions.


The bases of the tables were manufactured off-site, therefore we focused on completing the table tops first. Solid furniture elements were the next priority in the factory – making sure colours, sizes as well as look and feel match the design. Lastly, the glass/ mirror elements were ordered to ensure that sizing fitted the relevant pieces. Craft Furniture assembled these elements in the factory first to guarantee the functionality of the customised furniture pieces.


Installation started with the low hanging unit, before moving onto the screen. The TV board and bulk head was last to be installed due to it being the final element that tied the furniture design together.


Handover will always be completed with one of our senior Craft Furniture team members. A full inspection will be held to ensure quality standards are met. Craft Furniture will always ensure that the client is completely satisfied before final handover and sign-off occurs. With the handover, the client also receives their official certificate of a tree being planted in their name by One Tree Planted.

Offering a turnkey solution, our expert team works with a range of materials to create spectacular furniture pieces in unique configurations of all colours, shapes and sizes. Email connect@craftfurniture.co.za for more information.