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Craft’s COVID-19 Creations

Our enforced confinement under the coronavirus pandemic gave us time to reflect and pushed us in a new creative direction to meet a growing need.

With the world in confinement to limit the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, it wasn’t long before we, at Craft Furniture, realised this is our new reality for the foreseeable future. We are well used to creating custom-made furniture to meet unconventional requests for our clients’ very particular interior design visions, but were inspired to think even more laterally to find solutions for the latest trends in home design aesthetic.

Overnight, home became office and, for those with children, a classroom too. Space and facilities were in short supply, not to mention time and patience. We decided to grab the opportunity with both hands, artfully drawing from the universal entrepreneurial spirit that seemed to increase as lockdown endured.

Our bespoke joinery solution was a collaborative effort by various designers within The Excellence Group and culminated in the development of affordable home desking to suit different needs and spaces. We might not have been able to meet physically, but we proved once again that human imagination has no border.

Work on Art | Craft Furniture

In addition, we created a customised freestanding cabinet with a built-in standing desk and a range of wallpaper backgrounds for iAfrikart to provide a more professional environment for on-screen Zoom meetings.

The iAfrikart design was born from the wine display desk, which neatly combines a height-adjustable standing area in a workspace that doubles as a wine storage cabinet. The wallpaper background incorporates built-in magnets for branding applications. There is a shelf desk with cupboard that folds out from the wall and tucks away neatly when the work is done, a floating desk with shelf, and a wine cabinet desk. Wine by night. Desk by day. What more could one wish for?

Craft Furniture’s nifty new home desk range, called Work on Art, features minimal design with maximum function. The smaller desks are ideal for tiny spaces while the larger option suits a more spacious home and offers added functionality in terms of display or storage. The tops can be used to display artworks and objects if so desired, but what is really important are the ergonomics.

As our name suggests, we focus on every aspect of the craftmanship – planning and design, optimising our materials and of course manufacturing furniture products of the highest quality. Like all of Craft Furniture’s creations, the entire range can be fully customised to fit your specific requirements in terms of shape and size. We are certain that there will be a perfect fit for your home.

Contact chris@craftfurniture.co.za and begin your journey of Working on Art.