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A Guide on Picking the Best Headboard for your Bedroom

A bedroom should be an oasis from the stress of everyday life – read on to find out how to choose the correct headboard design to complete your room.

 Your bedroom is your sanctuary – an oasis to retreat to after a long, stressful day to completely unwind and relax. It’s important that your bedroom is comfortable and suits your style so that you can indulge in your leisure time.

A successful bedroom design hinges on a handful of furniture decisions, with the main one being your bed. Your headboard is crucial to make your bed standout in your bedroom but is also ergonomically important. Did you know headboards were actually designed to regulate the temperature of the room and to protect you from drafts while you sleep? Today, headboards have evolved into being a crucial design element of your bedroom.

When making design decisions around your bedroom, it can be difficult to know where to start, what to look for and what to measure. We’ve created a guide on how to choose a headboard that will fit with your bed and bedroom style.

Choosing a Headboard

1. Height

Before you get started with your headboard it’s important to know the size of the mattress that is going into the room. The rule of thumb is to go 35-75cm higher than your mattress. It is possible to go taller than this if you are making a statement and playing with the scale of your bedroom design. It is quite trendy to take the height of your headboard all the way up to the ceiling. This style can feel very sophisticated as it gives a nod to luxury hotel suite designs.

Picture from Frenchy Fancy

2. Width

Similarly, to figure out the height of your headboard, you’ll need to base off the width dimensions of the mattress going into the room. Generally, you will go 5-10cm wider than the sides of the mattress. However, a trend we have been noticing is to extend the width of the headboard to the length of the wall. If you are doing this, keep the height of your headboard standard as to make the width the statement.

Picture from Pinterest

3. The Style of the Room

Before you choose any of the finer details of the headboard, it’s important that you match your choices to the style of the room. If you are going for a contemporary room design, choosing leathers and soft velvets with clean lines can aid the overall design aesthetic. Whereas if you’re wanting a more classical bedroom, then choosing a diamond tufted headboard will create that romanticism and glamour in your overall style.

Bedroom Headboards Decor Pink

Picture from Luxxu

4. The Shape of the Headboard

There are many different styles of headboard shapes to choose from- take a look at the following diagram to choose one that suits the style of your room.


5. Devilish Details

There are many choices of details to add to your headboard that will aid in the overall design. Nail details, lines and even taking advantage of extra storage options within your headboard. Adding extra storage to the sides of your headboard design is a great solution for small homes or apartment living where you are short on space.

The design of your headboard can make a statement, assist in the overall room design but even more importantly aid in the general comfort of your bedroom. At Craft Furniture we take pride in creating headboards that are handcrafted and made to exquisite detail.


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